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Rebecca Elizabeth Leone

Pilates Excel is owned and operated by Rebecca Elizabeth Leone, Pilates PMA Gold certified teacher and owner of Pilates Powerhouse NW in Seattle. Since entering the Pilates industry in 2001, Rebecca has non-stop continued her Pilates education and since 2003 has been sharing her wisdom with ever wider and more diverse national audiences.

Rebecca is a Pilates continuing education provider and has presented at Pilates Method Alliance Educational Conferences since 2004, at the PilatesStyle Summer Conference for the first time in 2006, and at Ice Skating Institute and Professional Skating Association national conferences in 2003 and 2004.

Since completing her classical Pilates training in 2001, she continues her education through coursework and workshops with each other of the First Generation Pilates Masters as well as the Michele Larsson, Kevin Bowen and other industry leaders. She is certified by the University of Washington in Sports Medicine and Human Performance, is licensed to teach the Fletcher Towelwork and Fletcher Spine Corrector and is in the Ron Fletcher Program of Study. Rebecca is sought-after public speaker and is well-known for teaching to the strength of the work.

Prior to entering the Pilates industry, Rebecca worked as a business manager. Going back to 1981, she assisted lawyers, doctors and accountants in everyday business and office management and also freelanced for more than ten years providing accounting and general business management services to diverse clients. Her experience includes creating and managing budgets, project management, payroll through annual taxes, payables and receivables and database design and construction.

A life-long athlete, Rebecca has competed in countless running, cycling and ski races and sprint triathlons including open water swims. She enjoys all manner of sport, movement and human performance.

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