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Full Curriculum

Can be presented in your studio or mine and it takes between 40 to 75 hours with the difference being the amount of practice hours included. The full Pilates Excel curriculum is best presented in either two weekends a month or so apart or as a week-long grind.

Cost: Between $1800 - $2400 per student

Here’s what’s included in the full curriculum:

Synthesis – Each Day of Pilates Excel Workshops

  • Rebecca incorporates relevant materials into mat and equipment sessions, sample conversations and situations.
  • Students will practice teaching/explaining/approaching each other and thegroup.
  • Q&A, demonstration, roundtable, resolution/solution for any and all issues.

Teaching Skills

Enhanced, Expanded & Refined

  • Anatomy and physiology of Pilates
  • Explaining Pilates: How it works and why, what it will do & what it won’t/can’t plus the do’s and don’t’s of explaining Pilates to clients
  • A thorough understanding of Powerhouse muscles, where they are and how they work
  • Safety and progression theories
  • Understanding Pilates; every principle, every exercise, every session
  • The process for knowing without doubt when to safely progress & preserving the client’s self respect when progression is not safe
  • Technical breakdown of flexion, extension, rotation and side bending exercises on each piece of equipment.
  • Developing and safeguarding a deep Powerhouse
  • Theory of using body weight, springs and gravity as resistance against Powerhouse muscles
  • Recognizing & overcoming barriers to the work *
  • Head & Shoulders Up
  • Fair-weather Powerhouse
  • The First-Things-First Truth of Pilates
  • Affordability
  • Teaching for Transfer/Applied Pilates™
  • Technical and charismatic styles of teaching; developing the right ones for you.

Business Development & Management for the Pilates Entrepreneur and Intrepreneur

  • Business establishment & development
  • Record keeping; what’s required, what’s desired
  • Goal setting, charting progress & celebrating results
  • Client retention through superior teaching skills and stellar customer service
  • Customer service beyond the front desk and during the session
  • Marketing, advertising & websites
  • Who to serve, who to avoid and how to tell the difference
  • Find your niche & successfully teach within it
  • Identify your ideal client criteria

In case you need something more specific, condensed, focused and cheaper, most portions of the full curriculum can be taught in the form of a discreet workshop of as little as a half day to a weekend.

Pilates Excel Modules

GO FORTH & SERVE: To help build and grow long term Pilates relationships, this content is designed to expand teachers’ understanding of service through and beyond the session. We cover fascinating aspects of the history of service from Joe & Clara and I provide a blueprint by which virtually any educational experience can be directly applied to every day teaching, beginning with the first day back in the studio.


The Scoop, Hip Flexion, Neutral Pelvis & Spine, Spinal Length & Articulation

Beginning with a multimedia presentation highlighting historical articles, interviews and significant pieces of Joe & Clara’s own original marketing materials, we examine the intent, scope and meaning of the practice of Pilates as envisioned, lived and taught by its creators. Understanding Joe & Clara’s intent helps modern teachers establish and define our role, the goals of the work and our responsibility in teaching it.

Following on from there, we thoroughly deconstruct the muscular engagements and movements within the method that are foundational in nature; in one way or another they exist as the base of virtually each and every exercise.

Do your legs stay quiet and long on the mat for Roll Up? Do they float up and stay up on Teaser? Can you maintain the proper hip flexion angle on Jack Knife and Balance Control? Can you establish and maintain the scoop of your belly and length in your spine during Short Spine, Elephant, Kneeling Knees, Pull the Pedal Up? Do you understand and can you explain to clients the importance of neutral pelvis and neutral spine?

Learn to assess, address and overcome the barriers to the successful performance of these foundational elements and with that, you will be able to safely advance your clients beyond the basics and work toward the idealized aspects of the work – a beautiful Roll Up, a strong Teaser and the inversions.

BASICALLY ADVANCED MAT: If you teach a lot of mat, you’re aware of how difficult it is to keep class fresh, exciting and challenging. New adaptations, challenges and variations on the historic exercises are a great way to keep class interesting and your loyal mat following excited about each and every class but sometimes, the pressure to endlessly delight our mat clients results in us teaching faster, more difficult exercises when they’re really not appropriate and we often feel under the gun to come up with something new, on our own, in order to keep class lively. The Basically Advanced concept puts the mat teacher firmly back in charge of the basic historic repertoire but with a twist, a super advanced twist. Breaking down the exercises into their most elemental form, even your most advanced clients will be supremely challenged, delighted and scamper back for more. Guaranteed. We cover both the how and what of teaching within the Basically Advanced concept; you’ll learn how to apply to any exercise the Basically Advanced technique.

BALANCING THE BODY SIDE TO SIDE: Built into all bodies are strength imbalances, whether we realize it or not. A new mom who habitually carries her child on the same hip and an athlete training and competing in a side-biased sport are both likely to end up in the same state of imbalance. From slight to extreme, our biases place us all on a continuum that begins with slightly observable mal-alignment and ends with dysfunction and often pain. This workshop begins with a complete breakdown of the biomechanical cause of imbalance, the muscular and skeletal adaptations of those biases and the potential fixes within the historic Pilates repertoire. For teachers with a minimum of 2 years teaching experience, this workshop is an advanced application of bilateral exercises on all relevant and available pieces of equipment, with the most productivity gains available on Reformer, Wunda Chair and the mat.

Students will learn to deconstruct, problem solve and choose the most appropriate and effective exercises to begin the process of balancing the body. In all cases, we begin with bilateral patterns, then deconstruct the pattern to focus on unilateral movement, working weak/strong/weak or short-set-strong/longer-set-weak, to safely yet aggressively address the imbalance.

The Genius of Joe & Clara: Take an intimate tour through historic interview and feature newspaper and magazine articles and learn the full extent of the passion, service and genius of the Pilates Method. With the help of multimedia technology, you’ll see and feel their message as Joe & Clara preach from the bully pulpit of Pilates. PowerPointing our way through these historic articles, we’ll learn what Joe & Clara had to say about: Service – who to serve, how to serve; Science of Pilates – what it would do & why; Teaching Contrology – tips on how to teach effectively; Testimonials – Pilates zealots go on and on and on; The Future – their vision for a school, an institute, the continuation of the work.

Making Mat Meaningful: In this Mat-centric workshop, learn the anatomy & history of Pilates matwork, the state of the matwork within the industry and ways to build a successful mat program or reinvigorate your current one. Included is a complete breakdown of all of the Basic Historic Mat exercises plus a couple of Intermediate ones including The Hundred, Roll Up, Single Leg Circles, Single Leg Stretch, Double Leg Stretch, Single Straight Leg Stretch, Double Straight Leg Stretch, Criss Cross and Spine Stretch Forward. You’ll learn the purpose of each exercises, safety and basic modifications, basic corrections, historic number of reps and transitions. This workshop is especially valuable for teachers who lack an educational base in Classical Pilates.

Restoring Order / Historic Reformer: The historic work as a foundation is imperative if the goal of your Pilates studio is to use Joseph Pilates and his work as the ideal. This workshop is especially valuable for teachers who lack an educational base in Classical Pilates. Teach Basic + a Few Intermediate Historic Reformer Exercises, purpose of each exercise, mounts & dismounts, equipment settings, safety & basic modifications, basic corrections, number of repetitions, transitions.

The Hypermobile & The Super Tight: What’s a Teacher to Do?: Some of us are hyper-mobile, some are super tight and many are a combination of both.

These ways of moving - set free from your muscles, severely bound by them or a little bit of both - greatly affect our Pilates experience and if we are not skilled at solving the physical problems presented by super loose and super tight clients, we stand a good chance of losing them to the work.

Generally, hyper-mobile clients will wonder what all the fuss is about; they can easily make the shape, they rarely feel sore and yet, in spite of being able to fold up like origami, they always feel tight. Generally, your least flexible clients will be stunted in their ranges of motion, they struggle to fatigue in their superficial muscles often missing entirely their deeper Powerhouse muscles, their quads will be sore but rarely anything else and their frustration level will be very, very high.

Understanding the physiology of hyper-mobility and hypertonic, inflexible muscles helps us teach productively and go a long way to improving and eventually eliminating the common problems companion to each. Using select exercises from the historic repertoire, we will analyze ways to teach to overcome these conditions.

PMA Exam Prep: The PMA is the international, not–for–profit, professional association dedicated to the teachings of Joseph H. and Clara Pilates. The PMA's mission is to protect the public by establishing certification and continuing education standards for Pilates professionals. The PMA Pilates certification exam was established in order to protect the public by ensuring that any Pilates teacher passing the exam was qualified to teach this effective and specialized form of exercise and ‘whole body health for life”. This workshop is designed to review the information and exercises included in the PMA exam.

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